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When to Use It

When should I take LiveWire Energy? Answer: Now, Later, or Whenever you need It.


The list is endless… we’re sure you know how you can benefit from increased energy in your life… work, sports, study, workouts, travel, early mornings, late nights… you get the idea. And the best part is that LiveWire Energy makes it easy for you to control your desired dose of energy unlike those nasty shots and drinks.

  • Don’t want to commit to an overdone shot concoction (especially in the afternoon)? You don’t have to with LiveWire Energy. Just pop one chew for the perfect boost.

  • You DO want extended energy? No problem there either. Our Go-Anywhere Match Box makes it easy to take LiveWire Energy with you. Now you’ll have all the energy you need right in your pocket. You choose to keep going for as long as you want.*

  • Don’t have time to drink an entire 16oz or 24oz energy drink? Each LiveWire Energy chew will dissolve in your mouth in as little as 45 seconds. Chew it and Do it!


Chaz Metz - Wisconsin - Snowcross

GO! Once you pop it in your mouth, your hands are free to get back to business. Now that’s convenient. The great thing about LiveWire Energy is that it’s the perfect choice whether you’re an athlete looking for a competitive edge or a busy mom running all over town. Bonus: Do you like to Party?But the next morning can be painful, right? Guess What? This stuff helps with hangovers too! Try it… You’ll like it. Don’t let a night of partying keep you from doing the things you love to do the next day. We hear from many people who say they pop a chew to start the morning and feel much better in just a few minutes. Nice! LiveWire Energy:Party Chew! All those B-Vitamins and the shot of caffeine do help. Trust us, we know from experience.

LiveWire Energy: Chew it and Do it!