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Four Great Flavors
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INCREDIBLE TASTE LiveWire Energy Chews are a delicious, edible instant-energy source without the bitter aftertaste. Each chew has a soft, chewy texture – and comes in several tasty flavors: Citrus Mango, Pomaberry, Chocolate, and Mint Chocolate.

PLUS:  Low in Sugar, Carbs & Calories!


Citrus Mango The original and still the king, Citrus Mango mixes the sweet flavor of Mangos with the tart taste of citrus fruits.  Throw in a hint of pineapple, and it’s no wonder Citrus Mango is one of the most popular LiveWire Energy flavors.

Pomaberry With pomegranate being all the rage and the sweet taste of blueberries, LiveWire has developed our special Pomaberry fruit flavor.  It’s the perfect blend of pomegranate and blueberry that provide a tangy fruit flavored alternative to our original Citrus Mango chew.


Chocolate Fruit flavors aren’t for everyone, which is why Livewire has developed our chocolate flavors.  Similar to a tray of brownies, this flavor is sure to please even the most diehard chocolate lover.


Mint Chocolate One of our most popular flavors… Kick it up a notch with Mint Chocolate.  For those looking for a breath of fresh air and a little extra flavor, this is the chew for you.  A cool sensation with each bite leaves your mouth refreshed and your body invigorated.


Cinnamon Fire 

LiveWire Energy contains a powerful blend of active ingredients and intense flavors. Upon popping a LiveWire Energy chew into your mouth, you’ll experience a rush of flavor. The fruit flavors are tangy and the chocolates are, well, chocolaty. Many other energy products are not very tasty because typical “energy ingredients” are extremely bitter. Our proprietary formula combines a special blend of “contained” energy ingredients, which actually mask those nasty flavors. Each chew will dissolve in your mouth in about 45 seconds. You’ll begin feeling an increased sense of energy within a few minutes. Nice!

LiveWire Energy: Chew it and Do it!