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LiveWire Energy chews are unique because of their 3X Action:Instant Energy, Sustained Energy, and Healthier Energy!


1. Instant Energy – ideal before or during physical activity to give you that edge without the jitters or a belly full of carbonation 2. Sustained Energy – to help you get through prolonged periods of work or play without mental & physical fatigue 3. Healthier Energy– Energy supporting B-Vitamins... Plus, Low in sugar, low in calories, low in carbs. Perfect!

Brad Brown - Michigan - Triathlete

LiveWire Energy vs. The Shots and Drinks 
It makes sense that the best way to keep sustained energy levels throughout the day is to feed your body with optimal amounts of energy a few times day. Not all at once. That’s why the overdone shots and drinks just don’t make sense. Why shock your body with more than it can handle or use? You’ll just get the jitters and pee it out anyway. Sounds to us like a big waste of money. 
News Flash: No matter how many hours the shots print on the label, your body will get rid of the excess it can’t use before then anyways.

LiveWire Energy:  Optimal Energy = Superior Performance For optimal energy, you don’t want to be overdosing your body with the shots and drinks because your body will build up a tolerance. And once that happens you no longer benefit from the energy producing ingredients. The goal is to feed your body just the right balance of energy, not too much, not too little. LiveWire Energy was created with just the right amount of energy producing ingredients to give you optimal performance. Not everyone reacts the same, but most people will get the desired boost from eating just 1 LiveWire Energy chew. Some people, who can handle larger doses of the energy ingredients, may prefer the buzz they get from eating two. You’ll have to experiment to figure out what’s best for you, but start with one.

We say:

  1. Chew for Ultimate Energy

  2. Chews for Extreme Energy


NOTE: WATCH OUT FOR WIMPY IMITATORS! LiveWire Energy is the FIRST and ONLY to pack the punch of an entire energy drink into one tasty bite-size chew. Don’t be fooled by other chew brands that force you to eat several of theirs to get the same energy of just one LiveWire Energy Chew


LiveWire is the full strength chew... Better Chew, Better Value.

Functional Facts:

    • Take one in the morning instead of a cup of coffee and within minutes you feel alert & focused and ready to take on the day.

    • You’ll appreciate optimal levels of long-term sustainable energy (no “crash” like other high-stimulant products).

    • Health conscious people love that our energy chews give them the vitamins and energy that they want without the sugar and calories that most energy drinks are loaded with.

    • Our chews are small, convenient and fit perfectly into a purse or pocket... plus no refrigeration.

    • Taste Great – You’ll absolutely flip over the delicious taste. (ask for samples)

    • Contains No Liquid – You eat 'em, so you wont find yourself constantly running to the restroom. This is especially important if you’re on-the-go.

LiveWire Energy contains a powerful blend of active ingredients and intense flavors. Upon popping a LiveWire Energy chew into your mouth, you’ll experience a rush of flavor. The fruit flavors are tangy and the chocolates are, well, chocolaty. Many energy products are not very tasty because typical “energy ingredients” are extremely bitter. Our proprietary formula combines a special blend of “contained” energy ingredients, which actually mask those nasty flavors. Each chew will dissolve in your mouth in about 45 seconds. You’ll begin feeling an increased sense of energy within a few minutes. An increased sense of energy is associated with an overall feeling of wellbeing and vitality. Morning, noon, or night, most of us could benefit from increased energy and alertness levels. Weather you’re an athlete, nurse, or student, LiveWire Energy is perfect for anyone needing a convenient and portable energy boost. Plus, we’ve designed our Go-Anywhere Match Box to fit perfectly into your pocket, purse or backpack! LiveWire Energy: Chew it and Do it!