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LiveWire Energy is the energy you take when you’re on-the-go!

On-the-Go Energy!

LiveWire Energy chews: Small, portable, chewable energy goodness. But it’s not a gum, and it’s not a kid’s candy so what is it? Well, it’s like an energy drink concentrated into a tasty bite-sized soft chew. They’re small, convenient and fit perfectly in your pocket or purse. And each LiveWire Energy chew will dissolve in your mouth in as little as 45 seconds. Chew it and Do it! Now that’s convenient. Isn’t the whole point of an energy product to keep you active and on-the-go? That’s why we developed a product that can actually go with you, wherever you go. That way, whenever you find yourself needing quick boost, all you have to do is reach into your pocket, purse or glove box and you’ll have LiveWire Energy at your fingertips. Boom... good-to-go! No stopping to buy refrigerated energy drinks, and no stopping to pee them back out. We’re talking compact energy that goes with you, making your life easier and keeping you moving forward and competing harder. Chew it Up! 8 Servings per Pack: Are you gonna stuff 8 cans or shot bottles in your pants?! Sure hope not... makes it hard to move and they don’t taste very good warm. Look for our Go-Anywhere Match Box! Here’s how to remember our unique package design:

If the box doesn’t slide – LiveWire Energy isn’t inside!





The Go-Anywhere Match Box! It’s the only package that fits perfectly in your pocket or purse and protects eight powerful LiveWire chews from being crushed while you’re on-the-go. Truth is, we spent a lot of time designing our packaging so that it would reflect the quality of our product while providing the most innovative and fun design to compliment your active lifestyle. That’s why we call it the Go-Anywhere Match Box. Our quality packaging is constructed of two separate pieces of 18 gauge heavyweight card stock that slide, much like a match box, so it naturally fights crushing to protect the chews inside. No flimsy boxes or baggies here, and no squashed chews inside! Plus, check out the cool pict-O-grams we’ve designed on the sliding tray. Can you figure out what they represent? We’re not telling, but they’re all better with LiveWire Energy. Whatever you do, chew it and do it! No other energy product on the market today provides this level of innovative package design, and no other brand of energy chews provides you with eight (8) full strength chews in a box. That makes LiveWire Energy the best product with the best value, hands down. LiveWire Energy: Chew it and Do it!