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Chew Me..

Think of a LiveWire Energy Chew as a concentrated energy shot you eat!

THAT’S RIGHT... You Eat It! But it’s not a gum, and it’s not a kid’s candy. LIVEWIRE ENERGY IS a great tasting “soft chew” that melts in your mouth in less than a minute and provides instant energy whenever you need it. That’s why we like to say:


Chew It and Do It!    

INCREDIBLE TASTE: Each chew has a soft, chewy texture – and comes in several tasty flavors: Citrus Mango, Pomaberry, Chocolate, and Mint Chocolate for Starters

SMALL BUT POWERFUL: Just the “Right Energy”... one small chew gives you the boost found in a typical energy drink, shot, or large cup of coffee without causing the jitters. And no Crash!

LIVEWIRE ENERGY has all the good stuff to keep you going without the nasty stuff you don’t Want


Did you know that a typical energy drink has more than twice the sugar of a full size chocolate bar? And an energy shot may have over 2000% of some USRDA ingredients. What?! Now that’s overdone! Not to mention all the preservatives and carbonation they put in those drinks and shots. Who wants that? Yikes!

LiveWire Energy IS the Healthier Energy*

LiveWire Energy offers 3 big advantages over all the other energy products currently on the market – convenience, taste and value. A pack of LiveWire Energy fits easily in your pocket, has no funky aftertaste, and is about 40¢ a chew. Compare that to an energy shot or drink... there is no comparison. LiveWire is by far the best choice. Fact: Our formula not only gives you big energy, but it also reduces muscle pain. Result: Keep going longer, faster, stronger!

Be sure to look for our Go-Anywhere box that makes it easy to carry a full 4 energy servings

of LiveWire right in your hip pocket or purse. Nice!

“LiveWire Energy is changing the way energy supplements and functional ingredients are consumed.” LiveWire Energy: Chew It Up!