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We tried to make this chart as easy to read as possible... We've used as few a words as possible but there is just so many ways that LiveWire Energy chews are better than the Energy Drinks and Shots, that we had to make the chart bigger. So please, take a little bit of your time to compare how a pack of LiveWire Energy stacks up against two of the most popular choices. We really believe once you do, you'll realize THERE IS NO COMPARISON! LiveWire Energy: Chew it and Do


WATCH OUT FOR IMITATORS! LiveWire Energy is the FIRST and ONLY to pack the punch of an entire energy drink into one tasty bite-size chew. CAUTION: Don't let the other so-called chew brands fool you. They don't have the same potent formula that we use and they don't have the same great taste. Believe it or not, they make you eat several of theirs to get the same boost from just 1 LiveWire Energy chew. Do the Math: So if you've got to eat more of theirs, then you're spending more money and getting less energy (oh, and they only give you four or six chews in a package... What?!) FYI- One of them likes to call themselves an energy chew, but good luck trying to get any kind of an energy boost out of it. The weird ingredient they use has not even been proven to fight fatigue or improve alertness. I guess they figure you'll overlook that because they have a "big name" endorsing it. Hey, don't take our word for it; try one of theirs and one of ours. Then you decide which one gives you a bigger boost of energy. Fact is, our ingredients have been proven to boost energy levels. For more info on this you can search "Healthy Energy Scam" and see what other people are saying about it. Plus, their wimpy chews don't taste nearly as good as LiveWire Energy. We've got it all: Perfect Strength, Great Taste, Best Value. One last thing... try shoving their flimsy pack in your pocket, not so easy and you're probably going to smash 'em.

REMEMBER: If the box doesn't slide – LiveWire Energy isn't inside!

LiveWire Energy: Chew it and Do it!