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Best Bang per Buck

THIS IS EASY (1) Energy Drink: $2.25 (1) Energy Shot: $2.99 or (1) LiveWire Energy Chew: 99¢ With LiveWire Energy you get a full strength energy boost at a fraction of the cost. Are



you kidding me? This is a no brainer. A whole pack of 8 LiveWire Energy chews costs about the same as a single energy shot. That’s EIGHT for the price of ONE. WOW! Go get some now!

NOTE: WATCH OUT FOR WIMPY IMITATORS! LiveWire Energy is the FIRST and ONLY to pack the punch of an entire energy shot into one tasty bite-size chew.

If the box doesn’t slide – LiveWire Energy isn’t inside!

CAUTION: Don’t let the other so-called chew brands fool you. They don’t have the same potent formula that we use and they don’t have the same great taste. Believe it or not, they make you eat several of theirs to get the same boost from just 1 LiveWire Energy chew. Do the Math: So if you’ve got to eat more of theirs, then you’re spending more money and getting less energy (oh, and they only give you four or six chews in a package… What?!)LiveWire is the full strength chew… Better Chew, Better Value.LiveWire Energy: by far the best Bang for your Buck (and it works better too!). LiveWire Energy: Chew it and Do it!