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As active people and energy drinkers we knew there had to be a better way... You know the weekday routine... a cup of coffee in the morning to get things going, choke down an energy shot mid-afternoon to get through the workday, and if it’s Friday, a can of energy drink right before going out to hit the town. Or the weekend routine...; same cup of coffee in the morning, and an energy drink right before doing a killer mountain bike ride or an intense workout. The problem is, you’ll go broke buying all those expensive shots and drinks; plus who wants a bloated belly full of carbonated sugar water right before a wicked 3-stage mounting bike climb?

Try this: pop a Mint Chocolate chew in the morning to start the day, and then a Sour Apple in the afternoon. This combination provides the perfect sustained energy to sail through the workweek. And you won’t spend a fortune on drinks and shots anymore.

We hear from our athletes how much they depend on LiveWire Energy to compete at their highest levels. Several triathletes have let us know that they don’t even think about competing without first popping a chew... Oh and carrying a few with them too.

Fact:Our unique formula not only gives you big energy, but it also reduces muscle pain. By the way, it seems the ladies love ‘em just as much as the guys... we’ve heard you girls like to carry a pack of LiveWire in your purse at all times. Can’t beat that for convenience. You tell us about using LiveWire right before your kickboxing classes, your workouts, or just about anytime to perk-up throughout the day. It’s no mistake, we tried to come up with an energy product that would also appeal to women, and we’re glad to hear you love it. Oh, and we know you ladies especially like the fact that our chews are a much healthier choice... LiveWire Energy is very low in sugar, low in carbs, and low in calories. You get smooth clean energy.

Why a Chew? A: Convenience Yeah, we know when looking for an energy boost most people choose either a hot cup of coffee, an energy drink, or a shot. Any of these choices provides a decent boost to your daily routine, but we believe there are many times when an energy drink just isn’t a great option and a LiveWire Energy chew is the much better

choice  Just imagine trying to carry a bulky energy drink when you’re snowboarding, biking, skiing, surfing, running or any other athletic activity... just not practical or convenient. Well, now you can carry your energy right in your hip pocket with LiveWire Energy. Each little chew gives you the powerful energy boost you need without the crash later. As a perfect alternative to sugary, carbonated energy drinks.