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That’s LiveWire Girls As you might guess, one of our most popular promotional teams is of course our Livewire Girls. The girls get out to sport the LiveWire colors, take photos with fans, mix it up with the athletes, and of course turn heads wherever they go... Aren’t they great!? Are you a real LiveWire? Tell us about yourself . We’re always looking for brand ambassadors to represent our brand at events across the nation.

Donna Modereger
  • Birthday: Dec 21 1984
  • Hometown: Corona, Ca
  • Height: 5′ 7 “
  • Weight: 117 lbs
  • Profession: Model
  • Favorite Athlete: Darren Sproles of the San Diego Chargers
  • Favorite LiveWire Energy Chew: Citrus Mango
  • Last iPod download: Cobra Starship.
Maddie Karlsson
  • Birthday: July 8th 1983
  • Hometown: Los Angeles, CA (via Brakne-Hoby, Sweden)
  • Height: 5′ 5 “
  • Weight: 106 lbs
  • Profession: Fitness Model
  • Skills: Sponsored race car driver, rock climbing, kayaking, trail running, weight lifting, kick boxing and yoga.
  • Favorite Athlete: Mika Hakkinen ( 2 times Formula One World Championship Winner)
  • Favorite LiveWire Energy Chew: Mint Chocolate
  • Last iPod download: Ace of Base, I know, I know but, I’m Swedish.
  • Greatest hidden talent: Overcoming obstacles in every day life and keeping focus on long term goals.
Kyla Faye Dickerson

HOST/ FITNESS GURU/ HUMANITARIAN Kyla was born in San Antonio, Texas and then later in life made the move to Salt Lake City, Utah. There she competed and took home the title in the Miss Utah Pageant and continued to compete in the Miss USA Pageant representing her state. This was the beginning of Kyla’s discovery of all things entertainment. Her passion ensued. When Kyla was not wearing down the competition she was hosting several local television shows in Utah and even starred in her own celebrity gossip show called ‘Kyla’s Catty Corner”. She has never had a problem dishing about all the celebrity news we love to hear!

Since moving to Los Angeles, Kyla has been hosting red carpet events and conducting interviews for various Internet shows. Don’t let her beauty fool you! She is not afraid to get her hands dirty and is a self-proclaimed extreme sports junkie! Kyla is also a successful fitness trainer and kickboxing instructor who prides herself in maintaining a positive attitude in all areas of her life! She invites everyone to adopt a healthy lifestyle, mentally and physically!

Her passion for the entertainment industry and for fitness continues to drive her to bigger and better projects. In addition to her positive outlook and adventurous spirit, Kyla’s family values make her one amazing woman. Her best friend, who also happened to be her mother, passed away from breast cancer last year. Although this was a great loss for Kyla, it gave her the opportunity to work closely with the Susan G. Komen organization and Race for the Cure. She is also an avid volunteer for World Vision, (an organization that helps to get clean water to Africa). Kyla plans to visit Africa soon.

Kyla facts:
  • ABC’s The Bachelor, Season 2 (featured Bachelorette)
  • Fear Factor, Miss USA Edition 2004
  • Miss Utah USA 2004 (Winner)- then went on to compete at the 2004 Miss USA competition in Los Angeles, CA
  • She loves to run marathons (3:23:01) – She completed the Boston Marathon last year with a time of 3:34
  • Certified group fitness trainer.
  • Kyla teaches cardio kickboxing and boot camps in the LA area
Featured “LiveWire” Judy Staveley Professor Judy Staveley is an instructor and a Triathlete who teaches at several colleges in the Maryland area. She serves as a spokeswoman and advocate for several biological, health medicine and Forensic science organizations. Additionally, as a Triathlete, and National health/Fitness Specialist she assists in several community programs to initiative “health in youth sports” and is part of the USA Swimming, USA hockey and USAT organizations. Professor Judy Staveley was born in San Antonio, Texas. her undergraduate education was completed at the University of Alaska Anchorage in pre-med curriculum. She graduated with honors and Leadership honors along with the honor Society tribeta. A bachelor of Science in biology with research focused on toxicology was rewarded to Staveley. Staveley pursued her dream of becoming a Forensic Scientist, by enrolling and completing a Masters of Science degree in Forensic Science specializing in DNA and Serology at the medical school of University of Florida – Gainesville School of Pharmacy. She continued with schooling and pursued a second Masters degree in biological Sciences and Emerging Diseases. Finally she completed her doctoral in health Psychology and continued to pursue her career in teaching biological Sciences and health.
While mentoring athletes at the University of Alaska Anchorage, she took up running, cycling, and swimming along with other sports and started to compete in triathlons in the year of 2003. She completed her first triathlon in 2004 with team in training, combining sport and charity for the first time. She was hooked and continued to compete. Staveley achieved her childhood dreams when she won the Chancellors AWARD for teaching at the University level. this award was given by the students of the University of Alaska Anchorage and was considered to be a heart filled achievement. this achievement led her to pursue a Ph.D. in health Psychology. Professor Staveley is a highly regarded speaker on health and wellness along with motivating yoU to pursue athletic and health activities. Promoting the biological and psychological aspects of health among children and adults will help promote a healthier lifestyle among Americans. Staveley has been featured in presentations, numerous media articles and television appearances. While serving as a Professor, she remains active in her athletic and charitable pursuits and raises money for cancer, autism, and many other charitable nonprofit organizations to help support families of fallen soldiers and / or families of cancer victims.